The following are quotes from a few of our clients in response to our many services:

“We have a lot of strong personalities here and it takes a lot of patience to make our employess happy. With offices side by side where the temperature can be either hot or cold, I would say that RB Management goes above and beyond making these people comfortable. And they have the amazing ability to bring calm back to our office. They never discount anything anyone has to say and they have the most friendly and courteous staff I have ever worked with. I can’t say enough about how wonderful they are.”

-Gwen Graham, CoreNet Global


“...The relationship we have is great. They’re definitely good people. Maintenance issues. Cleaning issues. Whatever. They’re very proactive, and address them immediately.”

-Ben Shankute, Corner Bakery


“RB Management is very responsive - proactive. They handle things quite well. Efficiently. Expeditiously. And it’s refreshing to know that along with the management company, the owner is on site. It means there is a very good system in place.”

-Darrin Johnson, Fidelity Bank


“We had a leak on the third floor and they fixed it in a timely manner, just like always. They’re very attentive on a day-to-day basis. When there is a complaint about the temperature, someone is here right away.”

-Mary Lyon-Jarmon, Atlanta Magazine


“They get it done. If there is a problem, it will be handled in no time at all. It is quite nice.”

-Barbara Naples, Liz Clairborne


“This was the first time on the east coast for our company. And we took every precautionary step to do everything right the first time. It’s been a smooth transition for Minnesota Life in large part due to RB Management Services. We’ve been extremely impressed. RB Management has been there every step of the way with us. They have done a phenomenal job helping us get acclimated and comfortable within our new business home, and they continue to be very responsive to our needs. They’re outstanding partners who we’ve got great respect for, and whom I can tell have been in this arena for a long time.”

-Eileen Riving-Wider, Minnesota Life Insurance Group


“We are very happy to be here. There is no comparison to where we used to be. It’s unbelievable the difference. They’re always on top of everything. If we have any kind of problem, their response is immediate. And you can say whatever you need to say to the management and the owners and feel very comfortable knowing that the situation will be resolved right away. It’s very pleasant here and people who come to visit this building are amazed at how incredible it is.”

-Sylvia Fox, Blattner Brunner, SRC


“When the maintenance guy walks around on the floor and points out that we have a light out, and the day-to-day service requests are filled on time -- that’s proactive. We are absolutely satisfied with the wellrounded experience. We have dealt with other management companies that are far less responsive. And we like that the door is always open.”

-Michael McIntire, Interactive Offices


“What a great job your employees Carla Laverde and Karen Ramey have done for us over the past few months. We closed on the sale of our Lake Park Properties yesterday and will be leasing it back for a few years now. I was able to recommend RB Management to the new owner without reservation because of the responsiveness, professionalism and care of those two individuals. That is something I thought you should know.”

-Edward Crowell, Georgia Motor Trucking Association



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